In 1998, Hakan Konya started to work under the name of Alternative Veterinary Policlinic as a freelance veterinarian. In 1999, Alternative Veterinary Yem Gıda ve Hayvancılık San. Ve Tic. Ltd. was established to provide consultancy services to the Poultry Sector with the participation of his big brother and then his brother. In 2003, they owned a plant capable of 5 tons/hour capacity of feed and 13,000 poultry capacity in Konya. By the end of October 2004, they bought the facility on 50th km of Karaman Road and then overhauled 5 poultry-houses each having 25.000 capacity and transformed them to 60.000 pcs capacity multi-store and automatic egg collecting poultry-house. And then they added 2 more poultry-houses having 100.000 capacity in 2013 and they have 500.000 capacity egg facility today. In the same facility, 45.000 units of pullet poultry have been revised and converted into 75,000 units of poultry houses and 2 pullet growing poultry-houses with an additional 85,000 and 100,000 units have been built. Today, they have 3 pullet breeding poultries with a capacity of 260,000 units. In 2008 they built 20 ton/hour capacity feed facility so they have today the facility after revising to 30 ton/hour capacity in 2014 additional to 15 ton/hour feed and totally 45 ton/hour feed capacity by establishing pellet unit. Since 2013, the company has been selling of egg products in grades has ISO-9001 and ISO-22000 quality certificates. The company that produces feed with the same quality certificates, continues to sell eggs and feed for export.

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